Welcome to my website. I am primarily a landscape photographer based in Pembrokeshire, on the far West coast of Wales.

To keep up to date with more recent work please look at my blog or follow links to my Instagram or Facebook pages which I update more regularly. I have for sale greetings cards and prints of my landscape work and I am also available for assignment work on documentary projects. I also offer services for property and interior photography for web and print use.

Some words on my work...

The Pembrokeshire coast is a National Park and although the rugged coastline is the reason for its designation, the park also boasts wild uplands, river and estuarine environments. My photography explores many hidden nooks of this corner of Wales. The images in my collection are most often the result of many hours spent in and around each location. Pembrokeshire offers incredible views but light and season give different perspectives and I aim to capture moments when conditions have produced something special. This means making multiple visits to get the right shot and a lot of time spent waiting and watching. Sometimes I get lucky and manage to get a shot as I see something that strikes me as I walk. All of my images are the result of being in the right place at the right time, either by accident or design.

I am drawn to spaces in the landscape where features meet. Rock, sea and sky often combine. In Pembrokeshire, the earth often seems to be emerging through the fabric of the land that covers it; especially at the coast where the Irish Sea has weathered the ground but also in the hills and sometimes in unexpected corners of fields; I have always enjoyed time spent in these places.

I hope you enjoy my work. Please see my products page if you wish to purchase prints or cards. If you have any other questions or enquiries, please contact me.