Ben Ottewell

Ben Ottewell from the band Gomez played the St Davids City Hall on Friday night. It was a special night for lots of people in the audience as Ben’s distinctive voice has been part of the soundtrack to life for a good few years. The album Bring It On wasn’t ever far from the CD player long after it came out in 1998 and the following year, Liquid Skin peaked at number 2 in the album charts and cemented their reputation.

At the Q awards John Lee Hooker held a stack of Gomez albums in his hand. The blues legend, who held the discs without being prompted, astonished the audience with his praise. 'I done listen to this record over and over and I can't find no defect,' Hooker said. 'The kids like it, and the older folks are gonna catch up real soon.' - Reported by The Morning Call

Along with some Gomez favourites, Ottewell plays his own songs at live shows including a few from his latest album; A Man Apart. The distinctive voice is still great and the songs, new and old, are timeless.