the wildsome

The Wildsome Weekend in Snowdonia

I spent the weekend up in Snowdonia with the Wildsome crew and guests shooting some images for their website and social media. The philosophy is to create tailored mountain adventures that deliver a full outdoor experience in one weekend. As a new venture this was only the second event they have offered but it was excellent; with a mix of challenging walking, some light scrambling and sharing of knowledge about the mountains, their history, flora and fauna and how to navigate them safely. The weekend was also about escape and exploring a new environment with mindfulness and sense of disconnection from the norm. Joey and Emily, the masterminds behind the Wildsome, have worked hard to make sure everything is in place to spend the weekend not only physically active but also well fed and nurtured in an ego free environment. There’s a sense of calm, of shared positive experience and personal growth coupled with belly laughs, fun and freedom to enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer. The blend was just right and everyone went home pleasantly weary and happy. Look out for their upcoming events at and here on Instagram .